Sight Reading

Which Hand?

Note Heads???

Musical notes appear on staves, these are rows of five lines and the position of the note heads (the round dots) tell us which note names to play, the higher the note head, the higher the note, meaning it will be higher on the harp and in pitch.

These note heads can be solid black dots or hollow circles and have different tails pointing up or down. These differences indicate different rhythms.


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Most harp music comes in two staves, the top stave is right hand (indicated by a treble clef) and the bottom stave is left hand (indicated by a bass clef).


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The way we read each of these staves is different, however there are lots of ways to help us remember.

Right Hand


Spaces (bottom to top) = F A C E

*think space rhymes with face*

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Lines (bottom to top) = E G B D F 

There are lots of ways to remember this e.g. :

Elephants Go Bonkers Drinking Fanta

Every Glasgow Bus Drives Fast

Every Good Boy Deserves Fun

*Make up your own!*

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